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This semi-renown means makeup artists and hair stylists regularly preen over them, like the ones coming at their tired asses with flatirons and mascara wands right now. Some of us were out late last night. Kandi even got thrown out of Club Libra for throwing her water bottle at a dude!

It means free clothes from up-and-coming deers dying for a break, even if it only comes in the soft-core spotlight of cable. Do they not know that you have children? When it comes down to it, they will endure our slagging of their low class and their dirty mouths and their off-key country wailing. They will endure lemonade-and-cayenne- pepper cleanses Lisa and no-carb diets NeNe. Some of the women already run in the same social circle; others are cast for the sake of the cameras.

But it was more than a high spectacle-to-episode ratio that made the Atlanta cast stand out. They were racially diverse—and it was no accident. A multiracial cast was the answer. Atlanta Atlanta girls sluts up really quickly in the thinking. So we went to Atlanta and began to cast for a group of women who could work in the Atlanta girls sluts of the franchise. One of the first people we talked to was NeNe Leakes. Do you have friends? Boy, did she ever. On the show, Kim is occasionally seen lighting up one of her twenty-daily menthols in front of her kids, who cough and beg her to quit.

Her ventures included fashion de, acting, writing, producing, and selling real estate with her second husband, Ed. Though mostly even-keeled, Lisa did have her moments. For real. And NeNe herself? Within four episodes, the RHOA audience had doubled. A reunion special attracted 2. Like who eats candy without imagining cavities, the Housewives did not take into the consequences of becoming reality stars. But we dug. Kim, bless her little Lifetime-movie heart, got entangled in a sordid affair with a police sergeant in Connecticut when she was a teenager.

Since Kim was a witness in one of his criminal investigations, the sergeant was terminated. I strip most nights for Gregg. The judge deemed her unfit because, according to Lisa, she was living the on-the-go life of an aspiring actress at the time. And girl, did you hear?

She had to file for bankruptcy.

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By now the Housewives have learned that attempting to preserve your mistakes in the vinegar of the past is futile. Because these days, anyone with a search engine can unscrew your shame, dump it in a pot, and turn up the heat. Newbie Kandi is used to the limelight, has been sincewhen Xscape hit the scene. But nobody said jack about the 1,watt stadium lighting of reality TV. Within days of the announcement that Kandi would be the new Housewife, blogdom was digging up dirt on her fiance.

What did I get myself into? To those outside Atlanta, the addition of such a diverse cast of characters to the Housewives pantheon must surely be a good thing, right? I have found it to be extremely segregated. Still, at least the Atlanta version of Housewives shows a little diversity; men and women of all races are often shown kissing cheeks and writing charity checks. I think the Atlanta community is very offended because this is one of those places that has a Atlanta girls sluts strong legacy around black people marching, fighting, struggling for equality.

When my [college] girls look at that show, they are, quite frankly, appalled. A survey of blog comments on atlantamagazine. Nee nee pisses me off. Kims is a hott mess. Nio ghetto ass bitches. These women are all broke and fronting.

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We make mistakes and we say things we regret. But I mean, my God! Cut us some slack. Even the most blue-blooded Swan Ball sister has to admit: It takes guts to open your life to the cameras. And when it comes to NeNe, it also takes balls.

Did I just say that? For the drama. Fame can fizz away quickly, like cotton candy hitting the tongue. So unless these women want to fade back into life B. A fitness video is in the works. Of all the Housewives, though, Lisa seems most energetic and enterprising.

You bet she does.

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Her time as a Housewife is worth the humiliation and hurt feelings; this is her opportunity to take a tangled mess of matted yarn and knit it into a cashmere Closet Freak sweater. Finally, she rips away at the tape holding her top to her bosom and leans toward the camera, her jaw-dropping cleavage exposed to the crew and the dozens of fuchsia flamingos dotting the lawn before her.

In a throaty, nicotine-tinged alto, she barks back. in. Log into your. Privacy and Cookies Policy.

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up. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Atlanta Magazine. Photograph by Alex Martinez. Most of all, it means that by now they know that the flesh of fame is not flawless, but marred by spoiled and rotten spots. Our judgment. Our nasty blog comments, our stones of condemnation thrown with rocket force into the worldwide ether, calling the women an affront to their city, to their races, to good taste. It hurts their feelings. But accurate? We have our doubts. Atlanta reality TV stars: Where are they now? Follow Us. Popular posts. Firefighters cook dinner for each other every night—but as a rookie in an Atlanta firehouse, I saw the limits of that intimacy July 30, The Village at Dunwoody aims to bring a central entertainment district to the area August 3, Tracking the long, strange trip of the Golden Ray April 28,

Atlanta girls sluts

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