Bored staying at hotel

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Disclosure: This post probably contains affiliate links. If you click on one, I may make a small commission. Of course, this will come at no extra cost to you and helps keep this site running. No one is excited by the idea of hotel quarantine. But having to do your quarantine in a random hotel room strips you of any familiar home comforts. The first two may be out of your control, but you can at least decide on things to do in hotel quarantine that suit you. Now, distractions and keeping busy are important when in hotel quarantine. You have nowhere to be and nowhere to go.

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Some might think that lying in bed watching Netflix is the perfect way to go. Others might go all in on work and see that as the only way to be productive.

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But I think both approaches will get old quick and end up just compounding the boredom. To my mind, variety is the key. Doing a mix of different things gives you choices and helps break up the day into more manageable chunks. That is unless you make the effort to do something about it. Exercising in your hotel room is going to be a bit limiting yes, but it can still take several different forms.

The most basic is to simply pace across the room back and forth to raise your step count. I can manage 15 steps from one end of the room to the other, which I repeat at various points throughout the day. A more vigorous option is to do some form of home workout. A proper workout session is sure to get your heartrate up and feel a little less lethargic.

Another downside of being relatively inactive is that you can develop all sorts of stiffness and discomfort from sitting and lying too long.

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To combat that, it helps to allow some time each day to stretch out your muscles — your back in particular. Going a little further with this, you might want to consider dedicating part of your day to yoga. Practicing yoga takes you beyond just stretching because it also involves elements like mindfulness and meditation.

There are even free courses on government websites like this one at Wellbeing Victoriathat will take you through it. Something like learning a language is perfect when looking for things to do in hotel quarantine. You want activities that are constructive and engaging to keep you occupied and mastering a new language fits the bill to a tee. Lots of time and very little in the way of interruptions creates a perfect environment for reading. It will be a little harder if you prefer the old school approach of paper and ink. There are only so many paperbacks one can fit in luggage.

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Perhaps you could spend more time reading about global events and dig deeper on current affairs. An activity similar to reading that engages another of Bored staying at hotel senses is listening to podcasts. While listening to music works too, podcasts feel a little more engaging and can be quite thought-provoking when done well.

Find them on Spotify, iTunes or wherever else you get podcasts I guess. Perhaps the most productive activity on this list, online courses are a great way to feel a sense of achievement during quarantine. Just look at sites like Skillshare or Udemy for countless options. I had a broad collection of online courses and resources saved away from earlier in the year that I now have time to work through. You feel cut off from the world, even with modern technology at your disposal. Now, this is one activity that I must admit I have not done during my time in quarantine.

That said, I have read that activities like drawing, doodling and adult colouring books are a great way to pass the time in quarantine and lockdown. You might need to plan this one a little in advance to have the right equipment. However, you could possibly ask the hotel staff to see what they might have to offer you.

Whether you do it in a notebook, diary or in a notes app, journaling helps you process the experience and appreciate the situation in a wider context. I had plenty of little things I had to sort out having come back after a while overseas. What do those two things have in common you might ask? That energy used to store your unread s contributes to carbon emissions. So why not come up with some totally meaningless games or activities with all that free time you have? Step away from the bin each time you get it in or even move around the room.

Other ideas include building a house of cards or a blanket fort with your spare towels and linen. Have you experienced time in hotel quarantine or quarantine away from home? What did you do to to keep yourself occupied at the time? Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments below. David is the author behind the Travelsewhere travel blog and is always on the search for the quieter, less-visited corners of the world.

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Bored In A Hotel Room

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Bored staying at hotel

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