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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. From India There are 0 reviews and 0 ratings from India. Verified Purchase. This is one of those books that my sister read and because I heard her laughing out loud, I felt compelled to read it.

I loved it too and read it several times in my youth. I bought it for the nostalgia factor as a gift for my sister. I couldn't help but open it and read it before I gave it to her--and it holds up remarkably well. Report abuse. Just didn't hold my attention. This book was a good one!

But the ending was horrible. I don't even know if you could called it an ending! It seems to me that the writer just decided in the middle of the chapter that the book was finished. One person found this helpful. I loved this book and am delighted it is making a comeback. Unlike Lois Duncan's books, which I love, this fortunately has remained in its true and original form without changing the names of any of the characters or including nods to the 21st century, e. He Cayuta NY adult personals a big wheel in his small upstate N. Leah has a fraternal twin named Sophie who is her opposite. Tall and intellectual with poor vision, Sophie is confident in her intellectual prowess and does not bemoan her lack of "cool" or in-crowd status.

As popular as Alan is, he is not without his share of problems. Raised by his single mother and negative grandfather, Alan is not at all happy to have his father re-enter his life.

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He is also not happy about the arrival of a new student named Duncan Stein who is about as far removed from cool as the student register could imagine. Tall, bald and declaring most school activities including sports beneath him, Duncan nicknamed Doomed by Alan does not make a good initial impression.

Duncan, like Sophie seeks intellectual pursuits such as the school paper. In fact, he even starts an underground paper with some very interesting for hook ups.

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He likes wine, roses and wants to meet the girl in question for one date only. In fact, Duncan seems much older than his peers.

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Duncan is a font of information and esoteric references. In a clever stroke of irony, he quotes Paul McCartney's post-Beatles classic in an essay, citing the song as "an early Beatles' song" when it is a Paul McCartney solo song! I loved that part. Matters are complicated by Alan's attraction to Duncan's mother Catherine. The Steins move to Cayuta as Catherine Stein is directly involved in working at a local rehab center for people who abuse alcohol.

The place, Rushing Brook has been given the somewhat humorous nickname of Lushing Brook. Wealthy people go to Rushing Brook for treatment and Alan has some rather unusual This is an excellent book about seeing people as individuals instead of boxing them into holes and molds and making assumptions about them.

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At one point early in M. It's filled with pathology. High school senior Alan Bennett is the most popular kid in school. He's on the football team, he's got tons of friends, and he's going steady with cheerleader Leah Pennington Cayuta NY adult personals fraternal twin sister. But when a new kid shows up at school, a tall, gangly Jewish boy named Duncan Stein, everything changes. Duncan is decidedly strange - he doesn't play sports or do the normal social things that kids his age usually do - and Alan and his friends call him "Doomed" instead of Duncan. But when Doomed starts putting out an underground newspaper filled with enigmatic personal "Wanted: Someone with ESP to sense who I am and what I feel about life"something happens that totally confuses Alan.

Suddenly, all of the kids in school are talking about Doomed, reading his newspaper, sending in bizarre personaland trying to be his friend. Even Leah seems interested in him. And Alan Bennett no longer understands anything about the life he's living. There are three central elements to the plot of IF I LOVE YOU - Alan's love for Leah which he sees as existing on a different plane than the kind of love adults have for each otherhis relationship with his father who left his mother before he was bornand his fixation on Doomed's gorgeous mother, Catherine Stein who seems enmeshed in some sort of romantic angst of her own.

In all three cases, love seems almost pathological as Sophie would describe it.

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Does it take strength to stay with someone you no longer love, or is it a weakness to remain "trapped forever"? And what does love really mean? Is there really a difference between the "fifty-fifty" kind of love married adults seem to have with all of its so-called "give and take"and the passionate, obsessive love Alan feels for Leah? In many ways, this is a very mature novel, with very challenging themes.

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Alan's visit to his wayward father a man he has never met is superbly done and brings many things into focus. Alan judges his father Cayuta NY adult personals walking out on him and his mother, but he finds himself feeling sympathy for his father's wife, Pam the "other woman" in his parents' divorce. Similarly, he admires Catherine Stein for sticking with her own somewhat rocky marriage, but he feels drawn to her in romantic and sexual ways. It's all very confusing. There are no cell phones, no computers, no internet, and no social media.

There are things in this novel that are certainly still relevant today - especially Alan's relationship with his parents, as well as his confusion over the meaning of love - but the going steady, the dances complete with boys in suits and girls with corsagesand the all-girl "hen parties" might be too big a stretch for many teens.

It's also a nice glimpse of life inwhen things were simpler but life was just as confusing. Though this book is told through a first-person narrator, a popular athlete who starts going steady with a popular girl, the real hero of this story is a gangly youth with the nickname Doomed.

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Doomed is Jewish, a fact that may have been more important in solidifying his status as an outsider inwhen the book was published, than now. I hope so, anyway, and I mention the fact because it does seem to have some ificance in the story. Doomed quickly turns the school upside down by publishing an alternative newspaper with all sorts of interesting personalespecially those seeking one-time encounters not overtly sexual but intensely intimate emotionally such as a one-time discussion revealing the participants' innermost thoughts and secrets. This book was published too early for me to have encountered it asbut as an adult, I found that it rings true for what I can remember of my childhood.

The popular jock represents what most of us probably remember of our youths. The young writer, with his poetic writings, strikes at a truth we all recognized again, probably as callow people: popularity is absurd and unfair--and we all want it.

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Summary: Alan is the star of his high school class. He is popular, dating a beautiful girl, and also pretty smart. Everything seems to be going well until, Doomed a high school geekwrites a newsletter questioning the reality of love. From there, things begin to crack. Alan's family life is Cayuta NY adult personals what someone would think a star athlete's home life would be. He has to deal with his father, whose drunken antics proves to be a barrier to Alan's happiness.

Alan also ends up falling in love with Doomed's hot mom, but that is obviously not a great idea. Finally, Alan has to figure out what his true thoughts are and Doomed ends up with the popularity that he desires although he states that he does not desire it. My thoughts: I feel like this re like a movie. There are a lot of hidden items within this book, which to avoid more spoilers than the summary I'm leaving out.

As a teenager, I remembered not having a particular interest in the book, but I found myself reading more adult fiction as a teenager than I do now as an adult. I found the twist of the popular jock telling the story instead of the nerd to be interesting.

Cayuta NY adult personals

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