Cruising sex Flint

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Our cis gay brothers are quite good at it, and used to it, too. They learned how to cruise back then, when gay sex was punishable, and coming out meant nothing but problems. To learn and adopt, to talk sex and have sex, pick each other up without apology and no strings attached. Only: How? How does it work? How do we flirt, and how do we turn a flirt into quick sex in the bushes, at home, in a club? How do we turn each other on successfully, pick each other up?

And what to do with by-standers, with unwanted attention, with people wanting to all of a sudden?

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With perceived unsafe surroundings when cruising in public parks or the like? And do you really end up in the bushes with someone every single time? Do you have to? Admission 1. Cruising workshop reloaded If you participated in the first edition of the workshop and would like to come again, please let me know for possible reduced price options. address. Individual requests for knowledge boosts very much welcome: please hand in your questions beforehand per mail, or at the bar also anonymouslyor simply ask them out aloud during the workshop.

Yet, that means: Limited of participants - 30 max.

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Obligatory guest registration. Sorry for inconveniences - have patience with us, especially at the door. ABC graphic by Theresa Pudenda.

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Looking forward to exploring the ABC with you! Hands-on exploring — including a bit of theory, too. What to keep in mind to create a great experience for everyone involved, when going through the alphabet like that? What does your body need to know?

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Last but not least: feeling shy, inhibited, blocked — now what? You will find the current hygiene concept clearly visible in the entrance area.

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Cruising sex Flint

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