Daddy seeking daughter to

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According to the latest research, a girl's relationship with her father can predict whether she seeks out sexual attention later on. Girls who depend excessively on their d tend to want more validation from men as they grow up. But surprisingly, a father's tenderness, or lack thereof, did not make a difference.

We have all seen those girls who post sexy selfies and blatantly flaunt themselves for the attention of men. There's nothing wrong with feeling confident and attractive, of course, but some women take it a little too far. Certain personality traits seem to exist in girls who seek out men's attention more than the average woman. Could Daddy issues be behind it all?

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A study conducted by Connor, Spark and Kaya found that girls who were overly dependent upon their fathers growing up sought out sexual attention from men as adults. The study also looked into three key personality traits that the researchers expected would predict a preoccupation with getting noticed sexually by men. All three traits turned out to be predictors of a strong desire for sexual attention, but Machiavellianism showed the strongest correlation.

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Surprisingly, the researcher did not find a correlation between the quality of a father's parenting whether or not they spoke in a warm tone to their daughters as children and the seeking out of sexual attention, although they had hypothesized to the contrary. Studies like this one can help us self-reflect and heal our own childhood wounds.

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The information can also be used to help us examine our daughters' upbringing. Most fathers and mothers struggle at some point to accept their daughters' path to adulthood. But looking at the research, which indicates that fathers not wanting their daughters to grow up le to a preoccupation with gaining sexual attention, can help us keep ourselves in check.

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Daddy seeking daughter to

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