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Applying for jobs is a laborious task that takes time and effort. Layer this with concerns around whether an employer will even consider you because of a disability, and it is made all the more tricky.

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T hat is why we have asked Jane Hatton from Evenbreakwhich turned 10 this year, to explain how to find a disability-confident employer to make job hunting that little bit easier. Research carried out by UCL for us a couple of years ago showed that the biggest barrier disabled people face when looking for work is not knowing which employers will take them seriously.

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So, how can you identify those employers who are enlightened enough to understand that employing disabled people is about talent, not pity, and who are receptive to applications from disabled candidates? Well, you can never know for sure, and there will be variations even within the same employer, but there are some clues that you can look for.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are powerful. Do you know someone who works for the employer who can give you an honest opinion on their inclusion practices? If not, have a look on Glassdoor for company reviews. Genuinely inclusive employers will pro-actively market their vacancies to diverse candidates.

Those who are serious about attracting disabled candidates will use specialist job boards, publications or agencies. Our candidates tell us that if an employer pays to advertise their vacancies on a board that is just for disabled people, they have the confidence to apply. Employers who advertise on Evenbreak, or in any disability magazine, are clearly keen to employ disabled people.

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Take a look at our Evenbreak jobs board to find an employer who is looking to employ talented disabled people. For example, Mindful Employer atories pledge to be aware of mental health. This can be at three levels — committed, employer and leader. The first two levels are self-assessed, but the third level leader has to be externally assessed. There are other accreditations that do cost the employer to acquire, and that are assessed externally, and so are more credible. There are a of externally-judged awards that employers can enter, some of which are specifically around disability.

When looking for jobs as a disabled person, finding these pointers can help in identifying employers who are more likely to be open and welcoming to diverse talent. All of the companies that advertise jobs with us are keen to employ a diverse range of disabled people. So it is worth taking a look at the companies we work with to see what jobs they have available.

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Employment: Finding a job when you have a Disability

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Disabled looking for friendly

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