Drink or movie tonight

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If discovering the perfect match between a glass of wine and a bite of cheese amplifies the pleasure of both, then why not do the same by finding the just-right drinks to pair with the best drinks movies? For instance, with Netflix Partyyou can synchronize playback through Google Chrome while participating in a group chat through the same interface. Few movie characters are as inclined to imbibe as James Bond. Author Ian Fleming both giveth and taketh away, though. Hate-mail disclaimer: Martinis are a personal matter, so make them as you please. According to Blackwell, the drink, which fittingly is a visual match for its name, was a creation of convenience.

And there it was. A of Napa Valley wineries are currently offering virtual tastings. I make things with juice and froth. The Pink Squirrel, the 3-Toed Sloth.

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I make drinks so sweet and snazzy. And not a 4-pack of your favorite triple dry-hopped, semi-naturally fermented, seasonal farmhouse hazy IPA, either. This calls for a case of your cheap, collegiate, macro beer standby. You do you. A night gets a little out of hand. Memories are foggy. Everything hurts. The antics only continue in later films, from Tyson-style face tattoos in Thailand to hasty trips to Tijuana. A single malt.

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Glenlivet, Glenfiddich perhaps. Maybe a Glengow… any Glen. The movie is also a favorite of the drinks industry today. For her, the movie brings back memories of the era.

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This movie was money, as they like to say, so many great lines and Vince Vaughn was at his best. SolidariT-shirt fundraising projectselling shirts and stickers to provide donations to hospitality professionals. Intersperse that with the occasional French 75 or Champagne Cocktailboth of which are mentioned, to keep the mood going all night long.

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We may never know. When you watch, consider doing the opposite of Giamatti and finding an excellent bottle of Merlot to accompany the film. The Dude and a White Russian. The comedy classic from the Coen brothers is the perfect excuse to wear your pajamas all day long while steadfastly maintaining a drink in one hand. The cocktail is easy to make, too: Just pour two ounces vodka and one ounce coffee liqueur over ice in a rocks glass. Top with an ounce of heavy cream. A flick of your wrist is the only stirring you really need. Up for an epic drinking-game challenge?

Good luck!

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Drink or movie tonight

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