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Did you grow up in the South? Below are the latest Golden Corral prices. They may not cover recent price changes. Contact the restaurant directly to get the latest prices and updates.

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Many families enjoy coming here, especially after church. It becomes a habit, since you get to see many of your fellow town mates and the prices are eminently reasonable. It offers good food in great quantities, along with a nice friendly atmosphere in which you can lay back and relax. If you live in the South, then it feels like Golden Corral has always been there. In fact, in the Entrepreneur. It started out as a steakhouse that could accommodate up to people. Then it grew, as they set up budget steakhouses all over the South, in small cities from Texas to Virginia.

In the middle of the s, Golden Corral heeded the requests of their patrons so they transformed the brand. Then they also put in the Brass Bell Bakery. Here, you can get your rolls, Golden corral tonight, and muffins, along with pies and pizza. Inthey made a new addition by expanding to include cooked to order sirloin steaks.

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Just recently inthey added their new Smokehouse menu. Now you can enjoy slow-cooked smoked pork barbecue and chicken for lunch and dinner at any day of the week. For daily dinners, you can also get smoked carved baby back ribs.

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One of the reasons why Golden Corral is so popular is because of these low prices. What about breakfast?

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But many old-timers congregate to Golden Corral during weekends, and their presence makes each visit really homey. A lot of restaurants these days are beginning to feel somewhat ambivalent about the presence of children. After all, a large portion of their menus are geared towards .

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Even younger kids from 4 to 8 years old get even bigger discounts. But what about the really young kids from ages 3 and under? You have plenty of options to start your day right at Golden Corral. You can start with bread, because even non-fans of Golden Corral yes, those people exist acknowledge how fantastic the bread can be in this place.

Those all-caps are taken directly from a critic.

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Golden Corral takes away the uncertainty by featuring a complete set of nutritional info for each dish. They show the of calories and amounts of fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, dietary fiber, sugars, and protein. Here are some of the low-calorie options at Golden Corral:.

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At the other end of the spectrum, you have smoked short ribs beefMongolian beefOriental Pepper beefand prime rib beef Golden corral tonight But you can order green bean casserole with just 80 calories, or get okra and tomatoes stew with just 60 calories. Onions and peppers are even better, with just The fruit salad is an excellent choice, as each serving is only 35 measly calories. The strawberry spinach salad is good with 40, and you get the same with the tomato and onion salad.

Some sal can pack the calories though. The Chicken Southern Style salad is only half a cup per serving, but it contains calories. The same goes for the macaroni salad. A slice of pumpkin pie has Pecan pie is even worse, with calories per slice.

Pies, however, may not be able to fit your diet as the lowest calorie pie is the Fruit Mini Pie, and each slice still has calories. Some people may have noticed that their local Golden Coral has been made over with a new look. This new rede still strives to keep its homey atmosphere, but it also aims to look more sophisticated.

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Its curb appeal should improve with its stacked stone towers, enormous windows, red awnings, and wood accents. The buffet area is now located at one end, while guests sit at the other end of the restaurant. This alters the original de of having the buffet area in the middle with diners all around it.

The new de is meant to showcase more visually appealing items, with highlights such as the carvery, smoke house, and cake decorating areas. Also, the kitchen has been redeed to make it more efficient for the staff. In the seating section, diners now enjoy an airier atmosphere. Tables now have more spaces in between, and the larger windows keep people from feeling claustrophobic. Finally, each location will have its own unique banquet room. These areas can feature local elements, such as the art work of neighborhood artists.

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These banquet rooms can serve for private functions. For more information about Golden Corral, visit their official website. Perhaps the most notable exception is the Crispy Battered Fish Tacos, with each serving giving you a whopping calorie load. But the shrimp dishes only offer to calories. Contents show. The prices reported on this web derive from one or more of those sources. Naturally, the prices reported on this website may not be current, and may not apply to all locations of a given business brand.

To obtain current pricing, contact the individual business location of interest to you. Golden Corral prices provided by PriceListo. Famous Fried Chicken. Large Party Platters. Sal - Large Party Pick Up. Monday thru Saturday Open - 4 P. Weeknight Dinner Buffet for Adults. Weeknight Dinner Buffet for Seniors. Senior Early Bird Special Mon.

Golden corral tonight

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