I m looking for fun tonight

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On the edge of oblivion And all the world is Babylon And all the love and everyone A ship of fools sailing on. RedFoo and his crew took the stage at around 1 a. Every few minutes, cannons shot out confetti.

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Like their faces melted off. LMFAO is acutely aware of how their lyrics, performances, and products create a parallel reality.

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LMFAO describes their music as instructional, a how-to-party-rock guide, and their performances offer no shortage of cues to perform various party actions. Blow-up zebras and foam party fingers were passed around, and nearly everyone in attendance was dressed in a neon Party Rock uniform. How did this happen?

Fun - We Are Young (Lyrics) ft. Janelle Monáe

How was this party disease incubated? We playing naked Twister back in my hotel. Its trademark expired inand Party Rock became an unowned ifier untilwhen LMFAO snatched it up and divested it from its earlier history. The group then set out to create its own system of meaning for the term that did not rely on history or the present.

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With the endless party supplements and staged environment, the show at the Marquee was less like a party than a simulacrum of a party: the careful work of LMFAO to simulate larger-than-life party moments. The nonstop confetti never marks a climax, just the continuation of an epic party with no real cause for celebration. Selling the all-encompassing party is a survival technique for the duo — they know they must fight to maintain relevance in an era where attention is scarce.

You know? Inside the party house, there is a breakdance circle, a party crew decked in cheetah patterns, and funnels. RedFoo collapses after partying so hard and is taken away on a stretcher. An iPhone falls from his limp hand; the camera zooms in to show us his Beat Rock app on the screen. The LMFAO party simulacrum at their performances masks the way our ordinary lives have become an endless, joyless elaboration of the same party principles: want more, consume more, no amount of confetti can be too much.

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The ethereal, carefree nature of the party is over and the days of the nonstop, numbing Vegas party are here. Yet the disjunction between reality and the epic party simulation resulted in uncanny moments. During the show, a bouncer approached a man in a business suit wearing sunglasses and forced him to pop out the lenses. RedFoo is never seen without his trademark oversize lens-free glasses.

I m looking for fun tonight

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