I m not looking fwb

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At first glance, Junaidi not his real name seems like a regular guy.

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So here are four ways to avoid men who are only looking for the short term. We tend to focus only on the sexual aspect. Having one or two photos of your beach holiday, or that night you went out partying with your girlfriends is enough to show how sexy you are.

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Anything more and it becomes a bit on-the-nose. Have photos of you with your hobbies and spending time with your loved ones. At that point I either approach with caution, or swipe left altogether. Also, an empty profile is more discreet. Write a proper bio on your profile.

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Having a good profile writeup makes you attractive in other ways, not just sexually. Swipe in the day. This gives you a chance to know the guy before deciding if you want to meet, which is what you should always know, regardless of intent. The idea is that they want to initiate things as quickly as possible.

Junaidi offers a handy tip — ask them something personal, like a question about their exes or about their biggest fear. When we talk about exes for example, it can be quite emotional. At that point you either develop an emotional bond with the girl, or you shut down. I absolutely detest guys who do these — they give a bad name to all the other guys on the app. Also, I get to know what their intentions are too. We both manage our expectations from the beginning.

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I m not looking fwb

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"I'm not looking for a hookup or FWB" and other fibs