Is your marriage lacking

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Measure ad performance. Select basic. Create a personalised profile. Select personalised. Apply market research to generate audience insights. Measure content performance. Develop and improve products. List of Partners vendors. Meet the Expert. Virginia Williamson is a d marriage and family therapist and the founder of Collaborative Counseling Group in Fairfield, Connecticut. Though Williamson notes that people manifest symptoms differently, anxiety can show up as gastrointestinal issues, heaviness in the chest, or heart palpitations while depression could lead to weight gain or inexplicable lethargy.

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While all relationships hit rough patches, experiencing these feelings—and their physical symptoms—over a prolonged period of time might be an indication that something bigger is amiss. Read on to learn more about the s of a bad marriage and what to do if you find yourself in one. Every marriage is different, but there are a few telltale s that a relationship is moving into an unhealthy place. This extreme feeling of loathing or disgust is different from being annoyed by certain behaviors in certain situations. It often includes eye-rolling and huffing in conversation and dismissing or invalidating almost all of what the other person has to say, regardless of the circumstances.

Though you might feel that contempt is deserved—especially, if, say, your spouse has had an affair—it can be a relationship killer if not eventually addressed. Confront your partner about the issues caused directly by their behavior, especially if that behavior involves harsh criticism, name-calling, or minimization of your feelings or experiences.

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This control can be overt and come in the form of limiting access to finances or financial information, asking for access to your phone or personal communications, deciding who you can and cannot speak with, and blocking opportunities like, say, refusing to take on childcare duties during an important job interview. When seeking connection outside of your marriage becomes more important than finding it inside your marriage, it can be a that the relationship may not be offering the environment you need to fully thrive.

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But it can also be an opportunity to air the frustrations that need mending, and, in its own way, show that both partners are still invested enough to hash things out. The way we speak without words can also contain multitudes.

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In her counseling sessions, Williamson looks for physical cues to indicate that couples are still capable of tenderness toward one another, even when difficult matters are being discussed. It can be overwhelming to realize your marriage is no longer what used to be. Here are a few ways to begin moving forward. Drastic changes in a relationship are often the result of many small changes—like, say, greeting each other with eye contact at the beginning and end of each day instead avoiding each other.

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These changes can make a world of difference, but they require concerted effort. Couples counseling can help partners communicate better and work through issues.

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From there, do your best to unwind yourself from the relationship in intentional, planned ways, and be respectful of how you share the news with the outside world. Also important is creating a consistent self-care routine during what will inevitably be a stressful time and seeking help from trusted sources, of both the professional and personal varieties, when necessary.

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Sarah Zlotnick is a journalist with 10 years of experience and has been a writer in the wedding space for seven years. Brides's Editorial Guidelines. Meet the Expert Virginia Williamson is a d marriage and family therapist and the founder of Collaborative Counseling Group in Fairfield, Connecticut. Related Stories.

Is your marriage lacking

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