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I rarely text first. A lot of times, I forget to even respond. Or grading. Or booking. Or shooting. Or editing. Or cooking. Or cleaning. Or doing laundry. Or talking to my husband for the first time all day at 5 p. Or giving baths. Or fixing hair. Or putting kids to sleep. Or just breathing for a minute after they all go to bed.

The societal image of female friendships is hanging out weekly, dropping everything for one another, reaching out daily, remembering every special date, regular FaceTimes and phone calls and texts and life updates and get-togethers and celebrations and a million other things. Your full-time working mom friends are trying. She does. She wants intimacy and depth with you. This article originally appeared on Facebook. We all want friends.

Even us introverts.

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Friends are often a huge source of support, love and fun in our lives. God did something special when He made friends.

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Listen, every relationship will have its hard times. No friendship is perfect and there may be times when things get rocky. But there is a difference between disagreements and disrespect. There is a difference between a friend pointing out in love some concerns they have for you and friends who A couple of friends and I went and grabbed lunch at Chick-fil-A a couple of weeks ago. It was delightful.

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One friend had to climb into the play tubes a few times to save her month-old, but it was still worth every penny. Dear persistent friend, You entered my life as a quiet and supportive spirit. It was obvious we had a lot in common from the first conversation we had.

I eagerly wanted to be your friend, and then my life took an unexpected turn. You reached out and initiated conversation. You texted and invited my daughter and me to hang out with your precious family. I will never forget your reaction when you Who knew you when you were young and naive and full of big ideas and dreams.

I found my group of forever friends in college. It began with sorority meetings and grew over time with fraternity parties, formals, tailgating at football games, and hanging out on our front porch in between classes. It grew as we supported each other when we made dumb mistakes BabyMotherhood. JournalMotherhood.

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KidsMotherhoodTeenTween. Stories from the heart of every home. New cozy sweatshirts in the Her View shop! But I care. And I still love you.

Just friends (part 2) :- MLB ❤texting story ❤

I crave intimate female friendship. So bad.

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Because doing them all well feels impossible. Give her a break. Give her time. Share this:. You May Also Like. Motherhood Motherhood is a Series of Bittersweet Goodbyes. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

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