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I saw "The Lonely Guy" all by myself. It was one of those Saturday afternoons where the snow is coming down gray and mean, and you can't even get a decent recorded message on the answering machines of strangers. There was a warm glow coming out of the windows of a tanning parlor.

At a table in the window of a hot dog t, three bums were laughing warmly, sharing a joke and a cup of coffee. I stuck my hands down deep into the pockets of my jeans and hunched my shoulders against the cold.

I tried to force a smile to my frozen lips: Hey, I was going to the movies! I walked up to the ticket booth of the Esquire theater and with a flourish presented my Plitt Theaters pass. I ordered a box of popcorn, and went into the theater.

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It stars Steve Martinan actor who inspires in me the same feelings that fingernails on blackboards inspire in other people. He plays a lonely guy. His girl leaves him, and he keeps losing the phone of the only girl in New York who will talk to him. This could have been fun, if the movie were only a little more upbeat about his loneliness. But it isn't.

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In a movie crawling with bad scenes, the worst is probably the bedroom scene with Iris Judith Iveythe above-mentioned only girl in New York who will talk to him. She has never had an orgasm. He convinces her that she will have an orgasm every time he sneezes.

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She fakes it by screaming "gesundheit! Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from until his death in Inhe won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism. Reviews The Lonely Guy. Roger Ebert January 01, Now streaming on:.

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Lonely cum please me

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