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This article has been approved by an Indeed Career Coach. Employers might seek to understand what motivates you during your interview.

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This is a common interview question employers might ask because it gives them clues to a few different areas about you:. They might also ask this question to get an idea about your strengths. Therefore, you probably have certain strengths built around it. One way to better understand you as a person is to understand what moves you or what you are passionate about. Culture adds make the company stronger by diversifying the experiences and perspectives of its workforce. To answer this question, you can follow a general outline when preparing for your interview:.

To avoid coming across unenthusiastic or flat, select a passion you can speak about confidently. If nothing comes to mind, think about something you do that makes time pass quickly or something you look forward to doing.

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It can be as simple as exercising or trying new food. As long as you can speak about it with excitement and knowledge, it will be helpful for employers.

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Take a moment to explain why your answer makes you excited. These are valuable skills in any job. Next, explain what steps you take to participate in or advance your passion. If your passion is equal rights for people, for example, you might explain how you volunteer with certain organizations or actively participate in projects for underprivileged communities. You might also include certain applicable goals to strengthen your answer.

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For example, if your passion is exercising, you might explain that it is your goal to train for and participate in a certain fitness challenge or competition in the next six months. You can also explain that writing takes consistent practice to get better, which is something you bring into your practice as an employee. Having the opportunity to lead projects from ideation through launch was one of the reasons I was so excited to apply for this role. After you answer the question, you should be prepared to further explain or answer follow-up questions if asked.

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Take time to plan your answer to this and other common interview questions before your conversations. Doing so can help you feel more confident and calm during your interviews. Explaining your passion during an interview can help employers get a better idea about what motivates you and how you are as a person.

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What motivates you What your strengths might be What interests you personally and professionally. Select something you are genuinely passionate about. Relate it back to the job. Related View More arrow right.

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How having a passion can help with your job search