Looking for an older bottom

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My first sexual experience happened in a hotel room while other guys in my church youth group slept. He touched me. I touched him. We were trembling.

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Getting better at bottoming required me to see through all that, and trust my experience. In my mind, I continuously returned to that first experience. It felt right because it was right.

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It was the opposite of shame — it was my body doing what it needed to do. Today, bottoming is an awesome part of my life. If you want to try bottoming, here are five pointers to get you started, with more to come in part two. Calling myself a bottom has pros and cons. On one hand, I have an easier time finding tops — guys who enjoy taking the active role in sex.

On the other hand, putting myself in a box is frustrating when I want to top. In my experience, most people are versatile in the right situation, or with the right person — I am. These labels make finding sex partners easier. Before hookup apps like Grindr and Scruff established these words as standard sex vocabulary, queer men used discreet street coding — colored hankies, certain types of clothing — to discreetly tell each other what kind of sex they were looking for and which role top or bottom, dominant or submissive they wanted to take.

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Bottoming is usually not extremely fun on its first attempts. For many, bottoming is uncomfortable in the beginning. With practice comes pleasure. Once you get the hang of it, bottoming feels great. Anal sex has just as much risk as vaginal sex for unwanted sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea, and since HIV is more common among certain populations transgender women of color and men who have sex with menanal sex poses a higher risk of HIV transmission for these people.

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I am also HIV-positive. All sex — bottoming, topping, sucking, handjobs — involves risk. Learning about those risks and taking the necessary steps to minimize them protecting yourself and playing smartly gives you the freedom to enjoy bottoming without fear. Yes they can. My boyfriend leans bottom, and so do I. I love fucking him, and he loves fucking me, but sometimes often we both prefer to get fucked — and we do, by other guys. Talk about it. Try to make it work.

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First things first: there is nothing wrong with being feminine. We will help you.

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Enjoy it. Do what feels good.

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Get the best of what's queer. Culture Entertainment News Health Style. I discuss these risks and how to protect yourself in part two of this guide. Can two bottoms be in a relationship? Why do I feel ashamed of bottoming? Tags evergreen sex queer sex.

Looking for an older bottom

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Top/Bottom Sexual Self-labels and Empathizing-Systemizing Cognitive Styles Among Gay Men in China