Looking for total power exchange

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There are several terms within the BDSM community that I feel, have specific meanings, and are all too often incorrectly interchanged. Total Power Exchange is one of those terms. Along with this control, you have also surrendered all of your rights as a person. This type of commitment requires absolute and unconditional surrender. Think about that for a minute.

A slave has no limits. Her limits are whatever her Master desires. Safewords are not afforded to a slave. These surrendered rights are exchanged for the protection and care of her Master. Kaninchen and I do not have a Total Power Exchange relationship. Little Kaninchen is not my slave but rather my submissive. Looking for total power exchange I am her Dominant and she is my submissive, she can withdraw her submission at any time, which in turn would emasculate my dominance. I do not own her as then she would be a slave. The phrase work smarter, not harder.

What does it really mean? And how can we apply it to our everyday lives. I broken this topic down into three easy steps or guidelines. This to me was just like oxygen to a flame, a necessity. While in this submissive position the submissive kneels with her thighs…… What happened next is what really turns me on during scenes like this.

The notion to push her shoulders back which will effectively drive her breasts directly into the teeth of the leather falls as they continue to thrust relentlessly on her. You must be logged in to post a comment. His submissive…. His Slut… His Everything…. I am whatever he needs. You and Mr fox are both amazing and I am thankful to be here finally. Only hope I create enough of a change in me to get my little sub to get to know your site and this community.

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Thank you for the inspiration and the tools for me to grow into what she needs. Great Post Sir! I will be having my Sir reading this post because we just had a discussion on what he read about TPE. How it relates to the word Slave and not submissive. I love how you associate circle into TPE it works. Even though Sir finally decision in the end.

In the beginning of our journey I found the liberal interchanging of many words among the BDSM community to be quite confusing at times. There will be many people that see my interpretation of TPE to be in error and that will be fine with me. This expression is of the soul, which is itself synonymous with the evolving human consciousness. Thank you for this! Each couple is different, and will make their own path, no matter what the outside world-the BDSM community-has to say about it. Great post! Reblogged this on mastererotica It was a great trip… I learned a lot… some good and some that is hard to swallow… All in all, I am glad to be back home….

Especially happy to hear that it was educational.

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Often times open and honest communication can be difficult, or hard to swallow. That difficult communication may be the path to your true happiness…. Well written distinctions and points-of-view.

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I concur with everything you and LK have set out and the willingness to be open to whatever destination you both end up reaching. I applaud the levels of trust, patience, and incessant? How impervious the levels of trust? Just imagine where we would be today. Not just because the incredible sex but all of the communication and honesty, incessant indeed.

All of the time that we have wasted on our vanilla arguements simply jockeying for position. And I agree with you as well. The tone of her voice and the look in her eye is absolutely genuine. The feeling that it gives me is indescribale. It helps assure me that I am doing something right as her Dominant or leader. Please note: This action will also remove this member from your connections and send a report to the site admin.

Please allow a few minutes for this process to complete. Like this: Like Loading Related Articles. To continue reading you will need to register. Responses Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Mr Fox. Master's Slave. Miss MK. Thank you for the accolades concerning the post. Ballsybilly, Thank you for the re-blog… Mr. Thank you for the compliment… Look forward to Looking for total power exchange more of your blog. Steel Master, I hope that your road trip went well and you found the answers that you were searching for. That difficult communication may be the path to your true happiness… Mr.

Professor Taboo. HusDom, Well written distinctions and points-of-view. Fantastic post HusDom.

Total Power Exchange (Frederick Klein Remix)

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Looking for total power exchange

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Total Power Exchange Relationships: Ultimate Guide