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June edited June in Routes. Rode Cwmcarn y'day for the first ever time The downhills are not downhills, you may as well just fling yourself of the side it would be smoother What am i missing here? Anonymous Posts: 79, June Silversladey Posts: All about the aggregation of marginal gains or marginal losses, depending on who you are!! Nick Cod Posts: Cwmcarn, great trail. Been there a few times, it never fails to disappoint. Thewaylander Posts: 8, LOL, So you couldn't make it up the climb and cried?

Cwm Carn is the by far and away in my opion the best trail cetner trail in S. Wales unlike afan the decents actually go down with speed, and haev good features to make you work the bike and float it. And the climb stops me falling asleep, did W2 climbs yesterday and totally fell asleep nothing to challenge at all.

I really got Love in cwmcarn idea how you can say it has no flow as i think this is probably one of the best flowing trails there is, you just have to learn to ride rocks and roots instead of having someone concrete a path for you. Have to admit to feeling properly spoiled having Cwm car on my doorstep but each person likes there own thing so would be a boring world if we liked the same censored. Thewaylander wrote:.

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But cwm is really fast, thats the bit i don't get, flowy fast, just rough. What machine were you riding it on? Squarepants Posts: 1, Having ridden Nant Yr Arian yesterday 35km I see CC as having a little bit of everything in a relatively short distance.

Saying it's rough and doesn't flow doesn't really compute with me, like sladey said Dragons Teeth is the only really rocky section but I find that technical and a great buzz, then directly afterwards you have the final decent which is as fast and as flowing as you'll find. Not forgetting the DH run that's a proper adrenalin rush. Maybe you'll learn to love it weeksy, maybe not. It's not that I'm over over biked, my bike is under Love in cwmcarn Squarepants wrote:. See i can not stand whites decent, and its acent is a bit dull now they smooth any roots and rocks out of it lol.

I think you must ride very much as someone above said, censored up head and pedal P-Jay Posts: 1, Kev's beaten me to the 'horses for courses' line but it pretty much sums this thread up. It's a tough course perhaps, but I never found it much more technical than anything else red graded, but it is different.

Shocker Enduro. I don't think it's even tough, I just think alot of people are either used to the old 90's style of distance which often followed alot of firetrack, and was miles. Or the more modern super smoothed out trail centers which pose minimal challenge. Is this not fast and flowy enough for you? GhallTN6 Posts: Have to admit, I wasn't too impressed with CC, can't put my finger on why, but I just didn't take to it, maybe it Love in cwmcarn because I did it on my own, or wasn't in the right frame of mind, I'd like to try it again though to give it a second chance.

Do you know that, or just making assumptions?

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See, I guess that too, but it's just that, a guess. I also see a lot of technically limited riders, who complain about techy trails. He could be one of those, but I just don't know. You sound very certain. I am making assumptions but it's on the basis of "knowing" Weeksy virtually through a few forums for a few years now. MTB is very much "training" and "fitness" for Weeksy.

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June edited June Ah, fair enough. In that case, he should quit his whining Is it the classic case of "owning a motorcycle does not make you a 'biker' " in action? GhallTN6 wrote:. I've not ridden many trail centres, only really Afan and Swinley. The Northern Monkey Posts: 19, When I moved to South Wales, the 1st 2 or 3 rides at Cwmcarn didn't exactly give me any inspiration But then I got to know the trail and the correct lines and where I need to put in more effort to get the most fun.

It is a really good trail, but you do need to have a bit of knowledge of whats coming up next. You just have to give it a chance.

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The climbs however are censored We tend to ride off the trail and on bridleways around and up to the "freeride" bit at the top and it from there. Santa Cruz Butcher. LOL i've been dismissed, analysed, and accepted all in 1 thread. Some interesting replies and some people seem to have gained a lot of knowledge of me from just a few posts However most people are along the right lines.

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However of course i like to enjoy myself in there as well. Sometimes the enjoyment comes from the technicality of the trail but also a good chunk comes from my fitness and feeling like i can ride hard all day. Thanks for the psychoanalysis gents. The thing I understand about Cwm's DH course is it's deed to be anything from hard core DH to rollable by the more beginner DHiller or regular trail rider. You get out of it what you put into it.

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A bit different from a dedicated DH course where you find everyone wears the PJs and armour with full face though get the uplift at Cwm and most will be kitted out like this. The DH at Cwm is enough to throw off those used to trail centres like Afan if they're not careful, and it's more advisable to beef up protection, if at least just a full face, but you can get away with standard trail protection and roll most of it. The DH course is not supposed to be a smooth flowing XC though. This is DH stuff. In or Register to comment.

Love in cwmcarn

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