Love in woburn sands

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Minister: Rev Nicola Martyn-Beck tel. A member of Churches Together in Woburn and District.

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Our hall and meeting rooms will be available for use subject to the government Covid 19 guidelines. If you wish to make enquiries for future bookings please phone Marilyn on If you would like someone to pray for you please phone Heather on or Sue on Services in July and August. Circuit Services Online — Each Sunday at MHA provides care, accommodation and support to more than 18, older people across the UK.

We shall have a collection for the work of MHA on 25th July. Collection envelopes will be available in church. Ecumenical Study. The Ecumenical Study Group, which meets each Thursday at 7.

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For more information or if you would like to the group please phone Chris Prayer Groups. Until the prayer groups are meeting again we will all be praying on Wednesday mornings from We invite you to us in prayer at these times as we pray for our world, our nation and each other. If you have any particular concerns for prayer please phone Heather or Sue Message from the Manse.

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This time last year I wrote about emerging from the epidemic, little knowing that 12 months later I would be contemplating the same message again after the second wave of the Covid pandemic. As I write this message to you, we have heard the news that there is to be a delay in moving to the next stage of the roadmap that was expected on June 21st.

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It is now hoped this will happen later this month. Scientists and medical experts are urging caution while economists and business leaders want to open up again. Where does that leave us as individuals and as the church family? Many people are anxious and uncertain, and many are finding that the uncertainty and exposure to more people, as society reopens are quite exhausting.

We all need space to recover and opportunities to share our experiences of the last year. Many are relishing the opportunities to see family and friends, often for the first time in months, if not longer. Others remain anxious about what is and is not safe to do. Looking to the future, some want to take up where we left off pre-pandemic and others want to think about new ways of being church. While much is uncertain, one thing is clear and that is that we need time to recover both as individuals and as a church.

We all know that recovery is important after an illness, a traumatic event or an unexpected challenge in life. It takes time, often longer than expected, and involves a process of engaging with our emotions, integrating our losses, and embracing our new reality. Healthy recovery includes:.

Remembering includes both thanksgiving and lament. We also remember our losses, both of people and things, and lament over the way the world is not as God would want it to be. Times of reflection help us to consider what we have experienced, both the good and the bad, what we have Love in woburn sands through these experiences, and what we might do differently post-pandemic. Recuperating includes all those things we are looking forward to, including a much needed holiday to restore a sense of well- being or resuming activities as simple as having our hair done, playing sport or attending a concert.

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Key to all this happening is recognising the need to take time to reflect on the past and think about our new priorities. It may also be helpful to find opportunities for space and quiet to share with God everything on our minds: what we are thinking; how we are feeling; and all the issues of the last months and year. The Methodist Church is a family and a connexion that are here for each other and I trust that this is a helpful place of belonging as you take the time you need to recover from the experience of the pandemic. Be assured that you have my if you need to talk and my prayer.

To the One who can keep us from falling, and bring us safely into his glorious presence, joyful and above reproach, to only God our Saviour, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, power and authority, before all ages, now and for ever.

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Jude 24 — The local churches have worked together to build a school in Sierra Leone, provide wellington boots for rice harvesters in Bangladesh, set up a winter night shelter and establish Love Woburn Sands CIO and the Print Cellar a Community Interest Company.

Love Woburn Sands. Love Woburn Sands operates a of projects to benefit the community. These change from time to time depending on priorities and demand. The projects we are currently running are:. The Print Cellarbased in Woburn Sands — is a community printer. As the sun rises, Lord, Let your light shine on me. The warmth of your presence, The brightness of your love, t he radiance of your joy, The shining of your hope.

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Let your light shine on me. Visits: West End United, Wolverton. Woolstone Church.

Love in woburn sands

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