Mature gentleman needed

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We have all come across young people who are mature beyond their age and, conversely, older people who behave in the most appalling immature manner. The aspect of our lives where immature behavior can have a lasting damaging legacy is in personal relationships. Many relationships eventually end because partners are not on the same level of maturity.


After all, some men have Peter Pan syndrome. A mature man will not leave you in the lurch when times get tough. He will stand by you and help the two of you find solutions through challenging times. They are not that shallow. A mature man is out to support you, not bring you down. Mature people are also able to handle criticism and not take things personally. Any mature person can handle both compliments and criticism and not let it sway their sense of self in any direction.

Most men find it difficult to express their feelings in day-to-day situations, but a mature man Mature gentleman needed a way to do it as he knows that he must take the needs of his partner into consideration. Part of being mature is to have your focus away from yourself and on the other person. He knows showing emotion is a way to deepen the relationship and is not a of weakness. It is plain bad form to exclude a partner from your circle of family and friends. A mature man, not to say a decent human being, will always include you with people and in situations that is important to him.

This goes without saying. He will show you respect in all things and situations. A mature man will not be abusive verbally or physically. He Mature gentleman needed give you space when you need it without feeling neglected or flying off in a jealous rage. He knows that a happy relationship is built on mutual respect. This is a tell-tale. If you want to know how your man will treat you further down the line of marital bliss, just have a careful look at his relationship with his mother. How he treats his mother is how he will treat all women in his life.

If he treats his parents with respect, love and kindness, you have a keeper.

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Part of being mature is knowing that you have to have a long-term plan. A mature man will ask for and listen to your advice. He is not too proud to admit that he needs counsel from others, especially his partner. One of the first s of maturity in any person is remaining curious about life and never assuming that they know all there is to know about something, or anything, for that matter.

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When you are a mature person, you are happy to listen to those around you and take in new information before providing your opinion or thoughts on a matter. You know that others have as much or maybe, even more, to offer to a conversation and when a friend needs a shoulder to cry on, you are there.

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This is especially true of work. People with maturity recognize that the world owes them nothing and are happy to go about making things happen for themselves. A genuine of maturity is when you can have a conversation with someone, whole-heartedly disagree with them, yet give them space and time to say their thoughts and express their opinions. Admit that you used to do that and then move on from it.

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You are a better, more mature person now. One of the biggest moments in your growth as a mature person is when you can really be happy for someone who has had something amazing happen to them. And not just outwardly happy but you want them to do great things for themselves because it makes them feel good and it makes you feel good!

They can save money for a rainy day and are able to manage their expectations about life in a more robust way. If you care for someone or something you will try hard to make sure they are taken care of before yourself. You recognize the effort that goes into your life and you are not only willing to continue to put in that effort, but you are grateful for the chance to do the work you do. The early feedback has been incredible, but our channel is still so small…. We would love to get your help by subscribing to the channel below.

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Mature gentleman needed

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