Needing some new excitment

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I love new cities, apartments, jobs, and friends. This can be both a strength and a weakness. On the one hand, I never shy away from a new experience or opportunity. On the other hand, it takes a strong effort for me to stick with anything once the novelty wears off. This gives people the opportunity to see you in a new light, which means they may interact with you differently.

Rearranging furniture always makes my space more exciting. It will make the whole day more interesting if you have your eyes peeled for rare coins, specific pens, and odd food labels. And I mean real conversations. Ask them what they do on the weekends, what their favorite memory is, and whether or not they like spam. Okay, the last one is less interesting, but I think it says a lot about you if you eat unidentifiable lunch meat.

Sometimes it will be easy; sometimes it will be challenging. Head to the gym, learn to do pottery, start guitar lessons. You can always eat a sandwich at your desk later. I get a big kick out of little victories like these.

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Then start a conversation about it. Anything can be interesting if you get curious about how it works. You never know when that kindness will come back to you and open up your world. Once on The Office everyone bet on stupid things, like how long it would take Kelly to explain Netflix to Ryan, or whether Creed would notice they replaced his apple with a potato. I was on Match. Kids are always willing to jump around, get messy, and give get their blood pumping.

You still have legs and endorphins—tap into that. Play basketball after work, go bike riding, or spend some time on the swings. When you buy coffee, ask the barista how long the shop has been there. When you make copies, pay attention to how the machine works.

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Though I run this site, it is not mine. It's ours. It's not about me. It's about us. Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as mine. Wear something much bolder than you usually do.

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Take a different path when you walk to work. If you drive, park your car a mile away and take the bus the rest of the way. I did this one time and met a man on the bus who I dated for a month. Well worth the detour! If you take public transportation for your commute, make the time meditative or educational.

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Practice deep breathing, listen to soothing music, or download an audio book for the ride. Take pictures of things that catch your eye throughout the day. Change your workspace. Start collecting something you often see throughout the day. Commit to complimenting everyone you encounter on something.

Take a class during your lunch break. Eat lunch at a different time than usual. Make lunch and bring enough for two people. Then offer some to someone in your office. Give yourself a challenge. Learn ten new words from a thesaurus and then use them all twice during the day.

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Needing some new excitment

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