New friends to smoke with

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By Zach Sokol. This is the first installment in our new series on personal vices. If you have a personal vice story you want to share just the editors at nyulocaleditor gmail. Before I left for NYU my parents made something clear: they would fuck me up if I started smoking cigarettes.

No one in my high school smoked tobacco, either.

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When in doubt, I ask myself: what would Don Draper do? The answer is almost always look cool while casually smoking a butt. I knew that cigarettes would be big in New York, so I had to brace myself for some type of decision once arriving. The result was that I believed I could easily get by and be social without spending twelve dollars on a pack that donkey punches my lungs. I even came up with options in which I can hang around cigarette smoker without feeling the need to smoke:.

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I find it even more interesting that direct peer pressure has not really been an issue. If ly engaged with said person in an interesting conversation, it is so hard not to go outside and continue to shoot the shit with them whilst smoking, of course. It is way less likely that I will be offered a cigarette, being that cigarettes are fucking expensive.

Not to mention, it is still only week three of school, and everyone is still searching for a group of friends. I will take any chance given to continue a conversation and form a bond. I catch up with people about what they did in a night while outside leaning against the brick building, American Spirit in hand.

How I learned to make more friends

Sure, I could save myself the health damages and money if I stop now. in. NYU Local Follow.

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New friends to smoke with

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