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B : redels med. Male and female genital anatomy evolves from the same embryonic tissue. Is it therefore possible that males and females have the same potential for orgasmic response?

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In modern times, we continue to study the anatomy and physiology of female sexual responses. The journey now is to understand the similarities and differences between the male and female sexual responses and be respectful of both.

Female sexual response models and the classification of female sexual dysfunctions direct the thoughts and treatments of sexual and relationship therapists.

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The ultimate aim is to allow each woman to have the best possible sex life and orgasm, namely the one she wants. The psychophysiological treatments for female orgasmic dysfunction are on the whole successful.

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However, in anorgasmia proven to be biological in aetiology, following menopause for example, physiological changes occur that cannot be resolved by these strategies alone. We need to be supportive of the pharmaceutical industry finding medication that we can appropriately and responsibly use for the good of women with sexual difficulties, because good sexuality is a very important quality of life issue for very many women. Publishing on sexual health from the widest perspective.

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Abstract Male and female genital anatomy evolves from the same embryonic tissue. View Dimensions.

Orgasm during Childbirth?

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Orgasmic Sydney delivery service

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