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At all hours, the man invaded the security of home and family, yet they would not find out until it was too late. Then they read the letter: "Dear Mother and Father," it began.

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The family got its first computer early ina gift from a sister who built them as a hobby. The father thought it would help his youngest with her schoolwork, but he couldn't help but view the new equipment uneasily. He worried about lost control and the way things could now come into their home unbidden, like some flu bug coming home with at the end of a school day. He and his wife noticed how e-mail from Internet pornography publishers came unsolicited to their America Online.

They already were protective of their youngest daughter who, at 12, was not permitted to watch TV after 9 p. They made it clear from the get-go that they would be strict with this new machine. Unlike many of her friends, she wasn't allowed to log on without her parents' permission. They checked her e-mail to be sure she communicated online only with friends.

If they discovered her messaging anyone whom they didn't know, they took away her access privileges and erased the stranger's e-mail address. They kept the computer in the living room, where they could always keep watch. Not that they were given reason to worry. Their daughter was smart and confident, if somewhat sheltered, and never in any serious trouble. After six months, the father wondered if they were being paranoid. The computer rules were relaxed. A few months after their daughter turned 13, they gave her permission to on by herself.

In Crooks, S. Gisi, a quiet man who drank a few beers a day and a case on the weekend, dreamed of making it big in computers. He had worked for the customer service help line for Gatewaythe company that sells computers in the boxes with the cow spots. Now he was a technician for a small computer company. Gisi's wife was oblivious to their home computer, unaware even if it was connected to the Internet, and oblivious to what her husband was up to.

He was on it every day, often viewing child pornography. There came a time when pictures of young children were not enough. He reached out on the Internet, searching for girls. He talked online with a year-old from Massachusetts, e-mailing her his picture and hinting that they should meet. The girl changed her e-mail address so Gisi could not contact her. So he looked for someone else and, in an Internet chat room for young teens, he struck up an online conversation with a girl from St.

It was August Anyone in a chat room can view the messages people send each other, ing the online conversations as though they are all together at a party. To keep their daughter from visiting adult sites, the St. Petersburg girl's parents used controls on their Internet so she could visit only chat rooms for those her own age. But that didn't prevent Gisi from prowling the underage chat rooms himself. The first time they met on the computer, the girl told Gisi about a friend who was threatening suicide. Gisi reassured her that the friend probably wasn't serious. They talked like kids on a playground.

She told Gisi she liked to shop, Phone adult chat Crooks South Dakota to the beach and Rollerblade and that she wanted to be a teacher. He liked to swim and watch TV. They exchanged e-mail addresses so they could talk directly, and privately. They e-mailed almost daily. Gisi didn't lie about his age, and eventually told her he had a wife and. The girl lied and told him she was More than life itself.

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So when hell freezes over, I'll be there for you," Gisi said in one e-mail. I mean, it's like every other guy that said he loved me wasn't telling the truth. They exchanged pictures and started talking sometimes by telephone. It was getting harder for the girl to hide her real age.

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In late September, she nervously told him she was really 15, still stretching the truth by two years. She told him she was a virgin. They talked about sex and engaged in phone sex. Gisi promised her he would leave his wife and marry her, or become her guardian. He instructed her to keep quiet about their online romance, to keep it on the "down low," a tall order for a love-lost teen. She wrote "I Love Mikey" in white-out ink on the cover of her math book. Her friends, who loved to gossip about the cutest boys in middle school, pestered her about the identity of the mysterious boyfriend.

She didn't breathe a word. Her parents suspected nothing. They took away her computer privileges a few times for spending too much time online, but they figured she was just gossiping with friends. My parents would kill me if you came to my house.

When Chetwood learned that Gisi wanted to visit Florida, he told his friend he "was crazy and on the verge of ruining his life. He paid cash. She met him after school, at a 7-Eleven. He was sitting on the hood of his rental car, and they hugged in the parking lot. He dropped her at her house with plans to meet the next day. Gisi checked into a hotel on Treasure Island, telling management he didn't want any housekeeping services during his stay. The next day, a Thursday, the girl skipped school and they did the town.

They ate lunch at Checkers and visited The Pier in St. Gisi stopped at a Wal-Mart and bought a disposable camera. They finished their day in his hotel room, doing what they had long discussed online.

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She refused to have unprotected sex, waiting in the room while he hurried to the store to buy condoms. Over the weekend, the girl told her parents she was spending the night at a friend's house. She and Gisi had sex three more times. They walked hand in hand on the beach, out to a spot on the sand where an older sister had been married the year before. They watched the sun Phone adult chat Crooks South Dakota into the Gulf of Mexico. Before he returned to South Dakota, Gisi told her he would marry her when she was old enough, and gave her the promise ring he had bought at the jewelers.

It was too big for her tiny finger. She put it back in the box. Gisi told her he wanted to take her back with him, but he couldn't just yet. He didn't have the money. Petersburg to Sioux Falls. He had it waiting for her at the bus station. He arranged for her to pick it up using a password, knowing she was too young to have any identification to claim it. Gisi spent Thanksgiving with his wife and. His wife wanted a reconciliation, but Gisi told her that he was in love with someone else, a woman he had met on vacation. The following Monday, after the girl's parents left for work, she took a cab to the bus terminal on Dr.

King Ninth Street N. I had to leave. Where I am, I'm fine, and am with a trusted friend. I love you guys very much and hope that you guys aren't mad at me. I am sorry to leave you. Everything isn't turning out the way I want it to, but will soon. Her mother found the note that afternoon when she returned from her ing job. The parents frantically called their daughter's friends, then the police, to report her missing. They got the Yellow Cab company, which eventually said that the fare they had picked up at the house had been dropped off at the bus station.

Phone adult chat Crooks South Dakota

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She was 13, he was 25