Revenge want to help

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When someone hurts or betrays you, you might feel the urge to cause them distress in return, but take it from us — that is never a good idea. If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die?

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And if you wrong us shall we not revenge? You might be thinking that it will also provide great relief from the pain that you are feeling or some sort of satisfaction. Sadly, evidence shows that people who seek revenge instead of forgiving or letting go, tend to feel worse in the long run. You are much better off channelling your energy into moving forward positively with your life. I hate to break it to you, but if you Revenge want to help yourself to be a decent human being, causing someone else distress or pain whether you think they are deserving of it or not might not put the smile on your face you were hoping for.

In fact, it might make you feel worse; you might feel guilty, upset, regretful — and these kinds of feelings tend to linger and weigh heavy on your conscience. While you might feel hurt or betrayed right noweventually you will be able to put those feelings behind you, but if you burden your conscience with guilt, you are more likely to ruminate over your actions — this makes moving on much harder and only puts your life on hold. What can really be gained? It is far better to save yourself from the possibility of further trauma. Focus on the good things in your life and look at how you can move forward, putting the person who hurt you firmly in the past.

Not to sound cliche but life is short! Think of all the fun things you could be doing instead of acting like Mr. Burns and plotting, planning and focusing your energy on the negative.

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Whether you believe in it or not, karma makes a much better friend than a foe — make sure to keep on the right side of it:. So do the right thing, be the bigger person — you will be glad you did so in the long run.

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So, you seek revenge on the person who hurt you. They then take revenge on your revenge…and the cycle continues. Try and leave negativity and people who bring you down in the past. They are not worth your time and energy. Has somebody hurt or betrayed you? our Community to discuss. An awesome community filled with like-minded people and trained support mentors to help you through the tough stuff. Create a free, confidential and the conversation in seconds. Revenge is the action of hurting or harming someone in response to a grievance or wrong suffered at their hands.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Close Menu Bullying. Mental Health. StopAsianHate Support Hub. Coronavirus Support Hub. Research Papers. Here are 7 reasons why seeking revenge is a bad idea: 1. In fact, it might make you feel worse. It could backfire. You are wasting precious time. How can you make way for new, positive experiences if you are preoccupied with wreaking havoc? Because, karma. Whether you believe in it or not, karma makes a much better friend than a foe — make sure to keep on the right side of it: 6.

You could get caught in an endless revenge loop. So, is revenge worth it? See what people are saying. What is revenge? What is an example of revenge? Is revenge good for you? So, my friend just moved back from another state, and I've been really exited to see him. He's changed a lot, and he seems very open and accepting to people. Now the thing is: my memory of him was sorta from before I realized I was gay, and when we met up for the first […].

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Revenge want to help

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7 Reasons Why Seeking Revenge Is A Bad Idea