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Abstract: The view that college students have about prostitution is poorly known, and the little research that is available has been done in the USA and Spain. Most students have a fairly realistic view of the phenomenon; most believe that people enter sex work through a combination of need and choice, that sex abuse is not inherent, that most sex workers have families to take care of with limited education. In regards to the clients most students believe the majority are varied in age, tend to have families and often become regulars.

Our are similar to those reported for Spain. Key words: Sex work, sex trafficking, how media present prostitution, reality versus fiction, college students. The exchange of sexual activities for resources mostly but not exclusively in the form of money has long been a taboo subject in scientific research Whelehen, Currently some variants of this phenomenom are identified as sex work, while the derogatory word "prostitution" is rejected by some, including people who practice it.

This controversial topic is viewed differently in every country, every city, and by every person, resulting in different laws and safety measures for the people in the sex industry. These differences in law also cause the culture and perceptions to be different in every community. In some countries there is a debate about the legal status of prostitution; some believe that legalization regulates working conditions and maintains equal rights for women Brown, The opposing side believes it should be criminalized, also with arguments of equal rights, morality, prevention of trafficking and reduction of disease Downe, RiversMoore suggested that the issue of sex trafficking should be considered a form of labor trafficking.

In any industry where there is high demand and a chance for profit, there is space for exploitation. This can make it difficult for people to distinguish between sex trafficking and prostitution which can lead to misconceptions and debates about which implies equal human rights: legalizing prostitution for the rights of the workers, or criminalizing it in an attempt to reduce human slavery.

However, if one can look at the two as separate entities, both sides will benefit Rivers-Moore, The lack of attention and societal assumptions create dangerous working conditions for voluntary sex workers. In the particular case of Costa Rica, prostitution is legal for the workers but not for those "promoting or facilitating" it. A big emphasis on Costa Rica's sex tourism and child exploitation scene has caused alarm in other countries, and has raised the question of trafficking.

However, several studies have reported that most female and male sex workers freely choose this line of activity and work as independent contractors Rivers-Moore, In this study, the perceptions and knowledge of college students were studied in the capital and in a small coastal city. Department of State, Puntarenas 36, inhabitantsonce known as one of the biggest coffee export ports in the world, is now in impoverished port with a small commercial fishing fleet and a budding local and cruise-line tourist industry DS-Lands, Questionnaires included 31 multiple choice and three optional, open-ended questions about perceptions and opinions of sex work Digital Appendix 1.

College students were chosen specifically as a safer method for collecting data, as opposed to strangers on the street, and because college students tend to be a more uninhibited population. Participants were approached through convenience sampling in public areas of each campus and in some classrooms with the permission of the professor. Latina; Puntarenas: 70 students per university. Participants were told that the first author was an exchange student doing research and the questionnaire was voluntary, and that they could stop whenever they wanted or skip any questions they chose not to answer.

They were not asked to disclose any distinguishing information. Procal offers workshops, classes, and social action for underrepresented groups in society, and Rahab offers classes, support groups, and employment for survivors of sex trafficking. La Sala provides female sex workers with a support group and classes on safe practices.

Interviews were conducted in concordance with the questionnaires, to compare between opinions of students and experts. Interview I at La Sala was preliminary and used to establish comfortable relations. During interview II, women were directly asked each question on the questionnaire and asked to give their opinions on the realities of the life as a sex worker.

The study and methods for protection of human research subjects was approved by the ACM Ethics Panel. San Jose woman want sex questionnaire used the word "prostitution," however, after interviewing the women in La Sala, "sex work" was San Jose woman want sex preferred term when talking to them. The term "prostitution" is used in this article to keep consistency in describing the and discussion. Strength of dependencies of levels of attributes gender, where they grew up, religion, scholarship, and whether or not they grew up with two parents on various questionnaire questions were estimated by Contingency Tables.

A total of questionnaires were answered. All the women in "La Sala" said they had chosen their job out of necessity and they did not have many other options. One stated that she went into the sex industry because "she had to do something" to live.

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All but the youngest worker said they had children to take care of, but none of them had a spouse. One foundation director said that for some people, especially for some of the younger women, it is more of a rebellious choice or a result of the rising "it's your body, you can do what you want with it" culture. The other director said "People enter for many reasons, like to get drugs or other resources, because these women aren't able to get these resources on their own.

It was revealed during each interview that although historically people turn to prostitution for lack of a better job, the population of sex workers with more opportunities, such as college students, is rising. The women in "La Sala" responded that sex workers are not more likely to be addicted to drugs or have an STD than the average woman.

Most said they had never taken hard drugs but knew women had become addicted. One director said that most of the women she has worked with have had a drug problem. Women in La Sala said that they have worked hard on prevention of HIV in their organization and it is no longer a problem for them, but that this in turn caused NGOs to eliminate the support they enjoyed a few years ago. Both directors said that sex workers are at a higher risk, but do not necessarily have a higher prevalence of disease. When women in "La Sala" were asked if they thought the majority of sex workers had experienced child abuse, they said it could be true but it is not something they normally discuss.

They did not necessarily believe that a sex worker is more likely to have that kind of past than anyone else. According to the women in "La Sala," there are clients of every age; adding that older men tend to request San Jose woman want sex women and viceversa. They added that the majority of clients are married and return for their services after the first experience.

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Some of the women said they have had very loyal customers, although their wealth varies and men who buy their services are not always rich. There seems to be a low of articles of this subject, which makes a contextual discussion of our more difficult. Four related studies dealt with college students' view of sex work and their education on the subject.

In a small sample of American college students, Basow and Campanile found that the students had a generally negative view of sex work and that this negative view was even stronger among female students. Finally, a study on the education of social workers reported that those students received few courses preparing them to understand and respond to the needs of sex workers Francis, Costa Rican students are only slightly more sympathetic towards such people.

Our data indicate that most students have a fairly realistic view of the phenomenon when compared to the answers provided by "La Sala. There seems to be a regional cultural difference in how students perceive sex work; are similar to those of another Latin, Catholic country as described by De las Heras et al. Basow and Campanile, ; Roberts, et al. On this respect, Costa Rican students seem to be as ill informed as their Anglosaxon counterparts as reported by Roberts, et al.

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Similar findings were reported by De las Heras et al. It is harder to explain why students lacking a scholarship, who tend to have a better financial condition and might be expected to be more conservative, support legalization. Having a better understanding of the culture surrounding the sex industry in Costa Rica should provide necessary information for further research and comparisons between countries.

The of our study also suggest how to further protect the rights and lives of sex workers. If we can distinguish between sex work and sex trafficking, we can focus on removing the stigma from prostitution, and in turn make it easier to help anyone wishing to leave it.

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A special thanks goes to the interviewed women for their time and honesty. Basow, S. Attitudes toward prostitution as a function of attitudes toward feminism in college students: An exploratory study. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 14, p. Brown, E. What the Swedish model gets wrong about prostitution. De las Heras, M. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Revista Acciones e investigaciones sociales. Extraordinario 1, Dillon, M. Downe, P. Laughing when it hurts: Humor and violence in the lives of Costa Rican prostitutes. Women's Studies International Forum22 1 DS World's Lands.

San Jose woman want sex

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