Seeking a goddess to serve

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T he spirit of water goddess can be compassionate, so they say. Whether a quid pro quo compassion or not, it is always deed to achieve a purpose, so they say too. A goat and Seeking a goddess to serve boa snake as gifts are turning the life of Francis Tubori, a.

Both the strange goat and weird boa live with him and his family in his 2-room apartment. All attempts including traditional rituals to liberate him, his wife and three children from the grip of these animals have failed to yield the desired result. The despairingly confused Koronjo, who hails from Okpara Water side, in Ethiope East local government area of Delta State is now teetering between personal breakdown and spiritual breakthrough; between serving the Ogwa shrine and clutching to his Bible.

But how did it begin? It was supposed to be his first church service on that fateful Sunday, a few months ago when he found himself at the bank of a River Weni, also called Olokun for the supposedly initiation and transformation. A quarrel with my wife had dragged me to the place. I never went to church before then.

I had quarreled with my wife who refused to prepare my meal and went to church. I was angry. So, I went to the church where she had gone to reprimand her and bring her back. We caused a scene and the church members tried to convert me by offering a bible. Since that time, I kept the Bible. About two years on I felt like going to that church. I wanted to know what it was like. My wife is a christian and goes to church but that had nothing to do with me. So, on a particular day, I picked the Bible and tried to locate the church that my wife attends.

On getting there, I found out that the church had relocated to another place and so, I decided to go to the nearest church. As I tried to locate another church, I mysteriously found myself at the river. That was all I could remember. I pulled my shirt, dropped the Bible and swam in the river. While swimming, I saw a white saucer plate afloat the river and I decided to pick it. The nearer I went, the further it went until I found myself deep down the river. I was given the saucer and later found myself at the river bank. I picked up my shirt and the Bible and ran to the house in my underwear.

You can hardly see a goat in this village.

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But after investigation, I was told the goat was seen earlier at the river that day, minutes before it got to my house, which meant it came from the same river. But its body was not wet. Since that day, strange things have been happening in my house. First, it was the saucer which manifested some weird powers. Between 7 to 8pm, the saucer will glow so much that its incandescence will illuminate the room more Seeking a goddess to serve how a candle-light does. So, I was scared and ran out of the house. I picked my gun and shot at it, it disappeared and re-appeared at my back. I turned again and aimed at it but it disappeared again.

I thought it had gone; I went inside and dropped my gun. It was so big and scary. They tried using guns too but nobody could kill it. My house was like a market place as people gathered to have a glimpse. I packed my belongings and moved out of the house although some people were encouraging me to stay.

I come around in the morning, do my business and find somewhere else to sleep with my family. After some consultations and divination, people said I should not run away from home as the animals have not come to do any harm to me and my family. According to Koronjo, the episode has gone beyond the family matter. He stated that a nine-day ceremony was held for the boa with people coming from far and near to be part of the ritual.

Over three hundred chairs were hired and all were occupied. I really did not invite anybody; I was surprised to see the level of arrangement.

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But interestingly, the event was sponsored by some people who apparently believed in it. Again, during the ceremony, the boa came out to show itself three times. On each occasion, people ran away. My mother had told me to go serve the water goddess. My father who died several years ago served Olokun and danced to the Igbe Ogwa shrine. About the goat. Since it came into this house, it has continued to exhibit strange habit.

It does not eat from the floor; rather, it likes to be fed from a plate or something nearer to a plate. It does not eat grass or cassava plants or tubers like other ordinary goats.

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It eats bread, rice, fish, and pounded yam garri with soup. It does not sleep on the floor. You will never see it on the floor. In fact, you saw it on a car. It welcomes any visitor it is familiar with some gesticulation and dances. I have never trained a goat before but it understands me and responds to my feelings. If I get angry with anyone, the goat will attack that person. At a time I was pushed to sell it out for N12, but the buyer after a few days, returned the goat begging he did not want to buy again.

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I had to return his money. Again, I gave it to my brother to take to Kokori, the goat caused an accident on the road and it returned home unaided. It follows me all around. Sometimes people who know the goat spray money on it as gift. There was a time; I got over N sprayed on it by people. Besides, if I refused to go out with it, it would locate me wherever I went and come after me.

Most of those who spoke with Saturday Vanguard confirmed the weirdness of the goat and boa. They maintained that strange things might continue to happen to the family unless the tradition is respected. Christopher Awotor, a farmer who resides in the area said the issue had made the village more popular as many people keep asking questions about the strange animals. But after seeing the snake myself, I drew a conclusion that it was another strange event of life.

I saw it as it was about to enter the room. At another time, I saw it when Koronjo was drawing its tail with all the power he could muster but to no avail. It was then I knew it was not meant to harm him or anybody.

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For me, I consider it as a blessing to him and the family. It has made the village popular. People talk about it here and there. I was around that day, we were playing a drought-game and we just heard a shout by another neighbour calling our attention to a boa. He Koronjo performed some rituals in Urhobo tradition but this boa snake did not go. Since then, it has been living in the house. It used to go out, look for food and return at will. People came from Ughelli, Warri to see. Their forefathers bequeathed it on them.

In fact a big ceremony was held for nine days for the boa and the goat and people came from far and near to observe these rituals. As a friend, I advised him that it is clear that the development is his own line which he must tow but he insisted that he would be going to church.

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So, it follows that it is on the lineage. The son has to follow.

Seeking a goddess to serve

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