Seeking mutual benefits

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As part of its goals for the coming year, GEO is seeking to increase interactions with the private sector. Image Credit: Author.

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In addition to government and open access data, one pathway for translating observations into real-world applications is through commercial data and information providers. Recognizing the opportunity for benefits to the EO community and commercial businesses, GEO is now moving toward greater engagement of the commercial sector. At the GEO XIII Plenary held in Russia last year, this conversation around commercial sector engagement took a central role, with a plenary session devoted to the topic and commercial sector representatives sharing their insight and experiences with the group.

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EARSC operates as a marketplace that enables users and data or data-product suppliers to find one another. Much as GEO acts as a convening body to bring together governments, nongovernmental organizations, and others to coordinate and share observations, EARSC brings together users and suppliers—helping provide a network to better understand what sort of information is available. Sawyer has interacted with GEO in the past, but the plenary was a special event for him.

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This is a commitment that Sawyer takes seriously. Interest in interactions with the private sector is not new in GEO. The idea was initially proposed in when the organization was first founded, but greater emphasis was needed at that time to establish structure of organization and how it would engage with governments. Now past its first decade, GEO is able to reconsider engagement with the public sector more seriously—a move that Sawyer is pleased to be a part of.

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The volume of data being collected, how it is shared, and what data users interests continue to alter, even if the vision of putting observational data into users hands has not.

Seeking mutual benefits

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Seeking Mutual Benefits: Bringing Private Sector Partnerships to GEO