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Detailed Course Information Fall Sep 05, Select the desired Level or Schedule Type to find available classes for the course. Fall Sep 05, This course will look at the ways in which love, sex, and marriage are conceptualized and enacted in Korea through the formation of culture.

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Rather than looking at love, sex, and marriage as pre-existing and unchanging entities, this course will pay attention to how the constitutive nature of human feeling, physical desire, and the ways of institutionalizing them have shifted over time. In order to explore these aspects of cultural formation as they have occurred in Korea, we will explore various genres of cultural products, such as the historical record, literary texts such as poetry and the novel, the personal essay, visual art, news articles, cartoons, and film.

The course will address at length various crucial issues, from traditional culture as it was shaped in the Choson dynasty in comparison with modern culture before and during the Japanese colonial rule, to the cultural history of gender and sexual politics in South Korea. The contemporary dating and marriage culture of South Korea will be discussed in comparison with that of North Korea.

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By taking this course, students will learn how Korean people articulate love, sex, and marriage in various forms of culture through different stages of the socio-historical moment and will then compare this with American cultural formation. All class materials are written in English and the class is conducted in English. Therefore, students who do not have knowledge about Korea and the Korean language, but are interested in Korea, are encouraged to take the course. Return to .

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