Swinging in Wailuku Hawaii

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Not the most dramatic Maui waterfall, but fun to swim in nonetheless! Hike into windward West Maui Mountains across suspension bridges, small waterfalls and end at a pool. Sorry, it is actually a very sore spot among native Hawaiians, residents and visitors alike, but no one can go here any more. More information in this excellent Maui Time article. This is an interesting hike, and many local families love to come here with their keiki. Kids love crossing the swinging suspension bridges and the end of the hike has a man-made concrete diversion dam and waterfall that cascades into a refreshing swimming hole.

The valley is peaceful and beautiful, with some side treks into absolutely magical forest possible. More perspective: there is no enforcement for trespassing here and or more people a day take this hike. I personally prefer the hike just a mile away which is along the ridge of this valley: Waihee Ridge Trail. You can pick based on your taste and ability — the ridge hike has sweeping views, but no water and is also more strenuous.

A note in getting here: Around mile marker 4.

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Pull in, pay and park. Key Info: Mile Marker: 4. GPS Coordinates: We are residents and very senior.

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Not so for years now. We would work hard to concur the trail again if you would let us. We are happy for just some of the trail. Maybe stop at the bridges. Please show aloha and open again to residents or just seniors to keep trail not overused? We will pay the entry cost. Me and my boyfriend hiked this trail today. It was insane. Very strenuous.

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Only for advanced hikers. Definitely not for families with. Word of advise: make sure you pack plenty of water, a bug spray, and good sturdy water shoes as you will be walking though mud. So do this only at your own risk. There is Irrigation ditch water system running though most parts of the trail. There are two pretty cool suspension bridges on the trail. Even though they were probably not inspected since the trail closed back inthey look pretty sturdy and all the wiring remains intact. However, be advised that the stairs leading up to them are beaten up.

In some places, the concrete has fallen off. There is also a high risk of the rocks falling off from the cliffs above the trail. Make sure you watch for that as you probably do want to come out of this trail alive… The trail le through a bamboo forest. It was beautiful. There is also a lot of exotic flowers on the trail. We noticed some banana trees on our way as well. The trail ends at a small, man made waterfall. We took our chances and followed the river upstream. All together we hiked about 5 hours one way, for a total of 10 hours.

Maybe if we followed all the way though the stream, we would finally come to the spot where the waterfall collapses… The Swinging in Wailuku Hawaii upstream is extremely dangerous. Easy to slip and break a leg. The falls are beautiful, but still not worth the effort.

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Take the helicopter instead. I did this hike about two years ago and liked it a lot. Unfortunately, it is still closed.

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If you want waterfalls, Road to Hana has countless options. My girlfriend and I hiked it today….

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It is great. Caught one of the Waihee Valley Plantation gentlemen at the gate and invited us to come take a look at the plantation.

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What an awesome thing they are doing. We walked the paved road and finally hit the large black fence with razor wire atop and around it. You can get around the gate, but it is a sheer drop off. It is well worth it. The two swinging bridges are awesome and we kept on going along a path that is a path, however seldom used. After that the foliage which was already extreme got even more extreme we decided to turn around. Overall a great hike and we only saw 2 other people on the trail. They were leaving as we were entering. You may use these HTML tags and attributes:.

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Swinging in Wailuku Hawaii

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Swinging Bridges (aka Waihe’e Valley Trail)